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Recipe of the month of October

Pumpkin soup with chilli flakes This is needed:  2 tablespoons oil 1 onion 2 apples  600-800g pumpkin meat (butternut or hokahido) 1 piece of ginger 1-2 tsp chilli flakes Sea-salt …

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Recipe of the month for March: Lamb fillet in yoghurt sauce

after the sweet February we have something hearty for you in March: Lamb fillet in yoghurt sauce You need the following ingredients: 4 lamb fillets Salt Pepper Herbs of Provence …

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Recipe of the month of May: asparagus classic

For our connoisseurs in May we have: Classic asparagus – with that certain something! You need this for 4 people:  1 kg of fresh white and green asparagus  1 tsp …

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Berliner with Grind`n Spice cinnamon & sugar

Classically filled with jam, the round yeast pastries, which depending on the region are also known as crepes, pancakes and donuts, migrate abundantly to our tables, especially in February, and …

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The anti-carnival hangover recipe: herring salad with Grind’n Spice herbs & sea salt

Streamers and confetti are still on the floor, but a mood of mourning among carnival fans: It’s Wednesday before the 6th Sunday before Easter, Ash Wednesday! No more celebrations, colorful …